Prenatal Care:

Complimentary consultation

Prenatal visits lasting at least 1 hour honoring the Midwives’ Model of Care(r)

Monthly appointments through 28 weeks

Bi-weekly appointments from 28-36 weeks

Weekly appointments from 36 weeks until delivery

Home visit at 37 weeks

Discuss optimal nutrition for you and your lifestyle

Education on how you can prepare for the birth and beyond

Referrals to area professionals that may enhance your experience

Birth Care

Monitor vitals and well-being of mother

Monitor fetal heart rate

Encourage adequate nourishment and hydration of mother

Monitor labor progress

Respect physiological second stage/prevent tearing

Patience in placental delivery

Assess newborn’s transition status

Promote immediate skin-to-skin with mother

Routine delayed cord clamping

Assist with establishment of breastfeeding

Thorough newborn exam

Post-Partum Care

Home visit the day after birth, and at 1 week to ensure proper healing.

Office visits at 2 and 6 weeks for continued wellbeing and support.

All necessary documentation of birth and FMLA paperwork.

Weight check of the baby at each visit and as needed.

Ensure postpartum wellbeing with unwavering availability.