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Birth, and Postpartum Care

LA Midwifery offers individualized care serving low-risk, healthy women at home. Every woman and each pregnancy is unique and deserves individualized and comprehensive care. Sherri encourages shared decision making to ensure that every family is content with its choices. A trusting relationship between the midwife and family during the prenatal period is an integral part of the process. Clients and their families are able to ask as many questions as needed to feel heard throughout the entire process.

Quality, Client-Centered Midwifery Care

Sherri Daigle, LM, CPM, MSW

Sherri Daigle has been a midwife for 35 years. Helping legalize midwifery in her home state of Louisiana, she was active in helping to pass legislation, and create midwifery practice and birth center regulation. She has taught midwifery at college level, as well as working as preceptor. She has worked tirelessly in home birth and birth center settings. She helped to create Louisiana’s first accredited birth center.

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Why choose a home birth?

Research shows midwifery clients experience lower rates of interventions, complications and babies requiring resuscitation. Home births allow for you to be in a safe familiar space that can encourage physiological birth to unfold. When you feel safe your body works in harmony to help baby out. At home with a midwife you will be treated with respect and encouraged to participate in making informed choices on your birthing process.

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